Wedding planning on it’s own can be a bit challenging let alone during a global pandemic. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to helping couples here at Adelaide Wedding Ceremonies. We know there are a lot of activities involved in planning that special day that you have always dreamt about and couples who initially think they can handle everything themselves are soon overwhelmed. They discover that there’s a lot more involved than they initially thought.

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is different and, on another scale, entirely. One major problem that couples discover is that they don’t have much advice to fall back on because most of the tips they see on the internet are for weddings before COVID-19. That’s why we’ve decided to write this article. In it, we share with you some ideas that you’ll find very useful at this time. So, grab a cup of tea, relax and get ready. Here are our tips on how to plan your dream wedding during a pandemic.

  • Keep Restrictions in Mind

How to plan a wedding during COVID-19

How your wedding celebration goes will depend on the status of things in your area at that time. So, make up your mind to be a bit flexible with your planning.

For example, many couples have had to settle for smaller and more intimate celebrations. There could be a restriction in numbers you’ll have to follow.

As you plan, check the current guidelines in your area concerning social gatherings. Remember that the love between you and your partner is what really matters at the end of the day.

Smaller weddings can be just as fun as big wedding parties and come with numerous advantages too. It all depends on your approach.

  • Create Your Budget

The next step is to create a wedding budget. This will be the foundation of your entire wedding planning.

To get started, discuss with your partner and whoever will be contributing towards your wedding financially. This will help you know how much you have in total for your wedding. You can then research possible costs and assign numbers to the various aspects of your wedding.

  • Prepare for Virtual Meetings

Most of your wedding planning during a pandemic will be virtual. Don’t worry, many Australian wedding vendors are on board with this now. It also isn’t a new development because Austrian couples have planned virtually long before the pandemic. Especially those that were in long distance relationships before tying the nut.

Prepare by communicating with your wedding planner, photographer, venue, and DJ. As wedding stylists, we are glad to share ideas and field questions online with our couples at this time.

  • Digital Invites Are the Best

Unlike their physical counterparts, digital invites are safe, fast and have many advantages. For example, they cost way less to create. It is also effortless to collate your RSVPs using digital invites. You can easily find out how many of your guests will be at your wedding with just one click.

  • Talk to Your Guests Online

Your potential wedding guests could also have some questions about your celebration as time goes on. Rather than fielding calls from each one individually, you could have a wedding website.

On your website, you can put all information concerning your wedding online for your guests to see. You can also have an FAQ section where you answer whatever questions you think they might have.

  • Communicate with Vendors Online Too

Communicating with your wedding planner, caterer, photographer, venue, and DJ can be online during a pandemic. As wedding stylists, we are glad to share ideas and field questions online with our couples at this time. So, keep in touch by sending a message or setting up a meeting.

  • Work with Experienced Professionals

It would be best if you worked with a business that has experience at this time. They’ll have the knowledge required to fix whatever challenges you encounter as a result of this pandemic. So, make sure you choose people with the right portfolio for your planning at this time.

We’ve been handling wedding styling for couples here in Adelaide for quite some time and would be delighted to help you style your special celebration.

  • Take Care of Yourself

We cannot have your wedding ceremony without you. So, while you plan your wedding make sure you and your partner stay safe. Take care of your physical and mental wellbeing. Exercise, meditate, and eat right. Remember that you are not alone. We’re here for you and rooting for the success of your celebration.
In Conclusion
Although planning a wedding during a pandemic is a bit different, it can be a success. We’ll be here to help as much as we can, and the above tips can be helpful too. Can you think of any other ideas that would be useful for planning your wedding at this time?
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